Hi and welcome to Magickal Solutions.

I am a professional Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master,  Paranormal Investigator, Spiritist, Occultist, Master Tarot Reader and Psychic.

I have had a very long ‘apprenticeship’ in all areas of psychic development. Actually, over 45 years! I have learned my lessons the hard way, through living a full life, with all the normal ups and downs, all the emotional, physical and financial challenges that face us all.

I have most recently had a hiatus from psychic work as I have been developing in other areas including talking to the dead, and patiently waiting for spirit to to guide me in the appropriate direction. Now I am ready.

I offer:

Intuitive Tarot Readings face to face, email and via mobile.

Quantum Energy Healing

Psychic Development workshops and ONE ON ONE Sessions

The Seance Parlour

Spiritual Mentorship and /or Counselling

Magickal Thinking Solution Based Sessions

Paranormal Investigating/ Paranormal Consulting (Is your house haunted?)

I would love to meet you and encourage you to contact me via mobile 0418 291 761 or email

Find me at:

                      ISKHA CARDIFF – Main Road Cardiff                                 every THURSDAY TO SUNDAY from 10am to 2pm


11 Charles Street, Wallsend

(the Old Court House building)