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Newcastle Reiki Healer

I am a Newcastle Reiki healer, however I describe it as Energy healing or tapping into the body’s own frequencies as a type of alternative medicine — is being taken seriously by health practitioners trained in both eastern and western modalities of medicine.

Finally energy healing modalities are being recognised for their assistance and effectiveness! It’s exciting times!

I work combining my mastery of Reiki, I am a Reiki Master, with my own intuitive skill set when it comes to my sessions with clients so that each session is structured to go straight to the source of your issues.

You can come in for a ‘top – up’ of energy and to get your energy centres a boost.

You can come for some assistance in coping with chemotherapy after effects such a nausea.

You can come in to help with anxiety and stress.

You can come in for weight management.

You can come in for clearing of your aura and energetic centres and attachments.

The amazing usefulness of a healing session is endless!

I also suggest for therapists, nurses, social workers and spiritual practitioners to also care for their own energetic bodies by regular healing sessions to guard against burn out. Sessions last 1 hour including your pre-talk and post talk with your energy session in between.

I try to keep the service charge for healings reasonable so that you can afford to come.

Newcastle Reiki Healer Services

This stuff takes time and should never been used as a stand alone treatment if you have serious symptoms – go see your doctor.

As effective as energy healing can be you definitely need to see your doctor before, during and after treatments. I will never tell you that this is the only way to cure you. Energy healing can relieve symptoms and help assist the body to take care of itself. I have witnessed amazing results.

But the changes are subtle and require time your time and attention.

For best results repeat visits are desirable. I suggest three visits in one week intervals to begin with, especially if you have never had energy healings before. After that you need to be vigilant with your own self care.

I will leave that up to you. Don’t expect me to keep chasing you to make an appointment as I won’t.



Phone/Message: Renata Daniel 0418 291 761

Appointments can be made Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm with some weekend dates and times being available (please ask)

I do fit in my appointments in between my paranormal and mediumship schedule and I promise I will try to fit you into my earliest opening. Please message me if you cannot attend you appointed time.