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Online Tarot Readings

Online Tarot readings offer a framework for the client to see potential future outcomes.

Where you place your focus automatically creates change therefore the future is NOT set – it can be changed. A tarot reading offers insight and opportunities for that change to occur with the new insights to what is possible.

The tradition of tarot card reading is a constant source of revelation and is a craft that takes decades to understand properly. Each card in the deck has many different meanings and it’s up to a trained reader to intuitively apply the right message for the client in regard to their specific query.

A proficient tarot reader will always continue to study and look for new ways to interpret the messages in each card always adding more layers and acquiring an ever more deeper understanding of them making tarot a perfect tool in discovering greater choice in decision making and personal development for each client as the tarot can certainly reach deeply into the psyche of us all.

Online Tarot Readings

Whether it is 1, 2 or 3 questions I take my time and give you my time to try and answer as clearly as I can with the messages that come through to me and because I cannot see you, except in reading the energy in your questions, I am not influenced by what I think you may want to hear or cold reading.

Please fill in the form below entering your name and your birth date ( import for me to look at how your life numbers are influencing you ).

Enter a return email address so that I can send you your reply.

Then ask your question in the space provided.

Please do not over complicate your questions and inadvertently ask several questions in one as I will just look at the overall content and answer accordingly.

Expect your reply within about a day (sometimes sooner, but it may be a little longer if I have prior commitments)

Know that each and every reply  to your questions has been personally meditated upon and strongly considered prior to pressing the ‘send’ button.