Online Workshop – Learn the Fundamentals of Wicca


Do you want to learn about Wicca online? The basic fundamental tenets with weekly live classes plus loads of daily updates with some spell crafting, simple rituals, and a deep dive into the witch’s mindset.

Below you will find a more detailed description.



Complete Teachings of WiccaI am offering a 20 week study opportunity for you to join and be a part of this unique option in our virtual classroom. We will be using a text book called “Complete Teachings of Wicca – Book One : The Seeker” by The Witch of Oz. The text book is not included and will need to be purchased. This is up to you – it is recommended but optional that can be done at a later date. Some students have elected to purchase an eBook version of this book.

This course is a unique way to really learn from an elder witch – Tamara Von Forslun who has delivered a an exceptional amount of vital information regarding the practice of Wicca, the fastest growing spiritual pathway in the World at this time.

Let’s use this time to gain spiritual grounding in the fastest growing religion on Earth right now.

This is for the Seeker – the initiate who wants to dedicate themselves to structured learning, step by step with real information that will set you on the path.

We will cover topics such as

  • what is Wicca, Gods and Goddesses,
  • Ritual, Altars, Rules,
  • The Elements,
  • Magickal Tools,
  • Candle magick,
  • Lunar Cycles,
  • Book of Shadows
  • and much more including some spell-work as we move through the weeks.