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Spirit Talk Australia Podcast

We talk to people who have dedicated most of their lives to their spiritual practices. Some are the elders of their communities and some are just starting to share their passions with others but all have a story to tell.

Our main goal is to catch these stories and share them so that we can all get the inspiration that may just start you on your own spiritual journey.

1 year ago

New Vodcast this Sunday to celebrate the Summer/Winter Solstice with Lady Tamara Von Forslun
21st June at 7pm
Here at Spirit Talk Australia.

#witchofoz #ladytamara #wintersolstice

1 year ago

One of our upcoming guests on Spirit Talk Australia Podcast will be KARINA MACHADO - author and podcast.

We cannot wait to speak to her about her books and podcast

Journalist, ... See more

1 year ago
Spirit Talk Australia - Special guest Wizard, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Join your hosts, Renata and Anne, as we talk to the AMAZING, LEGENDARY, Oberon Zell- Ravenheart. Oberon is a Wizard and respected Elder in the World Wide Magickal community. He is the co founder of ... See more

1 year ago
Oberon Zell

Find out more about our special guest here:

OZ’s Website:

OZ’s Facebook page:

OZ’s Patreon page: ... See more

Master Wizard

1 year ago

This Tuesday.
Mark it.
Not to be missed.

The amazing Oberon ZELL Ravenheart himself will be offering his time and wisdom to us on Tuesday 16th June at 11am AEST (Sydney Australia time).
I know we cannot wait for this!!
Please listen in and ... See more

1 year ago

Please write a recommendation if you have been enjoying our vodcasts!
It helps us get more people to the page.

1 year ago

Thank u Renata for the invite ❤

1 year ago

The world is still filled with amazing people. Gravitate towards those that give love and of themselves freely.

One of those is our newest bestie and super sensational #tonirotonda.
My goodness ... See more

1 year ago
Spirit Talk Australia with special guest, Toni Rotonda from the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Join Renata and Anne as we chat to our special guest, Toni Rotonda of the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, all the way from Cleveland Ohio, USA
FInd out what treasures are in the museum now ... See more